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Just a soaker tub, not a jetted tub. Judy says the tilework was done perfectly.

Bathroom vanity.
The color on all the walls of the house is a soft tan. Judy called it a doe-skin.

Beautiful tile shower. The square is actually into the wall so that soaps and bottles can go there.
The toilet is across from this inside a pocket door.

Our master closet to the left of the shower. It's about 11 by 7 feet. It has two ceiling lights.

Ian's bedroom. It is much bigger than Sunrise and a little bit bigger than Sam's current room.
He has two closets.

Ian's window is facing the trees!

The kid's upstairs bathroom.

See the end of the vanity at the bottom of the picture. There is another door there that goes to the shower/tub combination (all one piece) and the toilet. There is a door between the sink and the shower/toilet so that someone can shower and someone can use the sink at the same time.

Sam's walkin closet. Not as big as the master bedrom.

Sam's bedroom facing south.


Door to the basement just off the garage door.

At the bottom of the stairs to the left is the mechanical room with an additional storage room to the left.

The downstairs bathroom.

The downstairs bedroom facing the trees (my office) About the size of Sam's room or our current bedroom.

I think this shows the basement recroom from the bottom of the basement stairs.

The recroom. Slider out to the backyard. There is a also a window right next to the door that has plastic over it.

Looking out the basement door.

Again, across the street. Will it stay that way?

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