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So what are you gonna do with your life anyway?

Maybe it's time to come up with some type of plan. Does that plan involve a little formal education? Probably does.

Are you ready to commit to four years of college? It's not for everyone.

On the other hand, ask anyone who has a university degree and they'll tell you that those four years went by pretty darn fast. If you can come up with a college major you really like, it will make all the difference.

What About an Associate's Degree?
An associate's degree can help lead to an increase in annual earnings, an exciting new job, or you can use it to get an affordable start on a bachelor's degree.

College Board reports that the average two-year degree program at a state-run community college or vocational school runs between $2,000 - $3,000 per year for tuition, which is less than the average of $8,000 per year you could pay at your four-year public college.

Five of the more popular occupational degree programs are:
1. Teaching
2. Accounting
3. Healthcare
4. Graphic Design
5. Web Design

Each of these degree programs could lead to a career in a related occupational field.

Earning an associate degree can be a fast way to get started in a totally new occupation, give your current career a nice boost, or just get a real head start on your bachelor degree while balancing both a current job and family responsibilities. Thanks to Associate Degrees Online.org and their newsfeed.

Got a career you're thinking about?
Is there some career field that you think is right for you?
Getting into the right field of study and career is vital.
Don't make an action you'll regret later by not acting on your instinct.







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